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With thousands of mountain bike trails built by STM, we're the leaders in designing and building your next trail.

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Our portfolio of trails and parks speaks for itself. We have built and designed many of the countries leading parks, races and courses. Ian Wilson was involved in forming the EThekwini Mountain Biking Association and even designed the EMBA system as well as the very popular Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park (the first of it’s kind in South Africa). STM have built and managed the cyclecross route for the Tour DÚrban for a number of years now, as well as various races from the Wild Coast Sun and into the Eastern Cape, and The Natal Midlands. Take a look at our portfolio of trails below and give us a shout to build your next trail! We pride ourselves in building trails that can challenge even the most proficient rider while providing a smooth and flowing trail.

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