Glide and Ride

Glide and Ride was established from the need for bike and life skills development in the market place. Our mission is to satisfy a demand for outdoor body and mind exercise through mountain biking, we come with years of experience in kids coaching.

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Glide and Ride strives to positively impact children through active outdoor cycling. Teaching children the fundamental skills of riding a mountain bike while focusing on boosting self-confidence and growth through both social and mental development. In a positive, fun environment we encourage the development of children’s physical skills and abilities. Positive affirmation is a fundamental part of our business.
We have been coaching children in both in-school programs as well as extramural programs for over 5 years.


Glide & Ride – Development

Since starting at Mshwati School on the North Coast of KZN, on a pro bono basis, we have seen class attendance increase, with a drop in absenteeism from 300 in the first term of 2017 to 30 in the fourth term of 2017.
This has been achieved by a strict policy being put in place, children are only allowed to participate in bike riding if they have been at school for the full week. The results speak for themselves.

We have been so excited by the result and wish to extend the program into more classes, in 2017 we were only able to implement the program in 1 class, consisting of 37 children.
We have committed to continue this class for 2018 and have taken on 1 more class of 30 children, unfortunately we are not able at this point to roll out into more classes at our expense.

Our Ultimate goal would be to have children continuing with the program throughout their schooling career, possibly reaching a point where we could put together a development team, through this we would be able to train some of these young adults to coach themselves, thus creating an opportunity for employment in this desperately poor area. In a country that is ravaged by the effects of HIV, and in particular the North Coast and Zulu Land regions of KZN, effectively leaving many homes in the area child headed, the opportunities for these children are dismal and extremely limited. This program, with the right management and funding, could change the lives of the community surrounding this school in years to come.

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