Skills Clinics


Single Track Minded specialises in a range of coaching and development services - we offer  a range of skills clinics, race preparation, women specific clinics, guided outride's and  introductory childrens clinics - our aim is to get you in the saddle and keep you in the saddle!


Intro to MTB basics


Do you:

Have little faith in your MTB ability?

Use your brakes whenever your bike points downhill?

Creep slowly over obstacles?

Stop frequently?

Ride sitting on your saddle all of the time?  


Then this course is for you!


It will cover:

Correct body position for confident riding.

Understanding traction.

Braking skills.

Slow speed manoeuvres.

Clearing roots & small logs.

Basic climbing & descending techniques.

Introduction to single-track & drop-off’s


Single Track


This course is ideal for the confident intermediate rider and for those who have already completed a ‘Back to Basics’ course. This is a course for those looking to take their skills up to the next level.

Do you?

Flow along curvy trails?

Roll straight over most obstacles?

Carry speed over rough sections?

Use SPD clipless pedals?

Then this is the course for you!

It will cover:

Steep technical climbs.

Loose & tricky descents.

Cornering techniques.

How to gain speed on singletrack.

Steep drop-off’s.

& Includes personal analysis.


Drops & Jumps


This course is for the adventurous rider who already has some good riding skills. It is a challenging course for those looking to push their bike control to an expert level.

This course will show you how to:

Fly off drops.

Jump over obstacles.

Carve corners.

Float over rough sections


Race Preparation

  Hill 2 Hill - 20 September 2009

Kids Clinics


Single Track Minded provides kids from the age of 6 the opportunity to experience fun, challenging mountain bike rides led by experienced, trained, responsible guides. Whether they are new to the sport or have some skill, the guides will accommodate each child at their individual level.

We will not only develop mountain biking skills but also develop teamwork and cooperation, build fitness and self-esteem, practice bicycle care and maintenance, and make new friends. Over time, riders get stronger, gain confidence, and tackle trails and obstacles that they never before would have imagined themselves riding. Our ultimate goal is to give a new generation of STM mountain bikers the skills and attitudes they need for safe, rewarding mountain biking.

We run Clinics every school holiday, they run for a duration of 3 days at Giba Gorge Mountain Bike park. We choose trails that are fun and challenging, but not too difficult, and we make sure that nobody ever gets left behind or gets lost. If your child does not have a bike there are hiring facilities at Giba Gorge, but it is advisable for them to use their own bike so they feel comfortable and can get used to it.

The fee for this course will be R300 per child.

This includes the following:

Entry fee into Giba Gorge.

Energy Drink for the ride.

Light snack when they have finished each day.

Certificate on completion of the Course.


Bike Maintenance


This course will give you the basic knowledge to carry out trail-side repairs enabling you to keep riding. The course is a ‘hands on’ instructional session, not a service workshop! Maximum group size of 10 people.

This course will cover:

Removing the wheels.

Repairing a puncture.

Replacing a broken chain.

Adjusting gear & brake cables.

Replacing brake pads.

Suspension set up & bike fit.

How to package a bike for transport.

The course includes an essential tool kit for each person


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