RIDER ONE Pro Coaching

RIDERONE is the number given to the first team member in a stage race. Warren was RIDERONE at his first Epic and hence the relevance. RIDERONE is the professional coaching arm of Single Track Minded. Warren is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. If you’re serious about taking your riding to the next level, you NEED to contact RIDERONE.

How we can take you to the next level

UCI and SSISA certified

Riding tactics, psychology & preparation

Full athlete assessmnet including Hr Zones, weight and measurements

Weekly training program with monthly assessments

Athletes Diet including athletes pantry, meal prep, cooking & portables

Correct sports supplements selection

Strength & endurance training

Riding sessions with Warren

Bike set up & Equipment selection

Race prep including entry assistance, accomodation & logistics

Warren’s Story

I fell in love with riding a few years ago. Like so many, I started out from a zero base and at 100kg. So how do you go from 100kg to a 72kg national champion? It’s a combination of training, diet, recovery, suplementation and a great mental game. Occams Razor says that IT IS VAIN TO DO WITH MORE WHAT CAN BE DONE WITH LESS. This is very true!

Although I’m very pleased with the results I’ve achieved, I’m not the guy that says, “right now let me train you!”. I’m very proud of My UCI coaching certification and I’m currently completing my SSISA coaching diploma. I believe its very important to get accredited. There are so many unqualified coaches out there – I have been there and they have no place coaching in my opinion.

Coaching is now my profession and I’ve joined with Ian at Single Track Minded who has a track record of over 16 yrs building trails like Giba Gorge, kids coaching, holiday clubs, mountain bike tours and founded the AMA ANGELS – all womans’ cycling club.

I’m committed to ensuring that you achieve sustainable, life changing results. Whether it’s winning stage races or simply getting fitter, I’ll ensure you accomplish your goals and have a blast on the way!

Warren’s Achievements

7 Cape Epic Finishes

First across the line in W2W adventure

First across the line in two berg&bush 2 day event

Won multiple big 5 races

National MTB Marathon Veteran Champion

Won 3 national marathon races

Won Hill2Hill

Ready to take your riding to the next level?

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